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n I do? You know very well what happened to me. My poor old father was just able to send me to Cambridge because I had a good scholarship. When he died there was nothing to supplement the scholarship which wasn’t enough to keep me at the Universit

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y. I had to go down. My mother had nothing but my father’s life insurance money—a thousand pounds—and twenty pounds a year from the Freemasons. When she wrote to her relations about her distress, what do you thi

  • e family trough is the height of bliss. It isn’t. I
  • would sooner starve than go back. At any
  • rate I should be myself, a separate entity, an individual. Oh, t
  • hat being merely a bit of clotted family! How I sh
  • ould hate it!” “But you would ret
  • urn to Paris in the autumn,” said Martin. Again she frowned and br



nk my damned set of Swiss uncles and aunts and cousins sent her? Two hundred francs! Eight pounds! And they’re all rolling in money got out of the English. I had to find work at once to support us both. My only equi

pment was a knowledge of French. I got a post at Margett’s through a scholastic agency. I thought it a miracle. When the letter came accepting my applica

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  • d Martin. “Mais que veux-tu, ma pauvre Corinne. I detest it as much as one can detest anything. If even I was a successful teacher—passe encore. But I doubt whether I have taught anybody even the régime du participe passé save as a mathematical formula

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  • . It’s heart-rending. It has turned me into a brainless, soulless, heartless, bloodless machine.” For a moment or two the glamour of the Parisian meal faded away. He beheld himself—as he had wofully done in intervals between the raptures of the past fe

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  • w days—an anxious and despairing young man: terribly anxious to obtain another abhorred teachership, yet desperate at the prospect of lifelong, ineffectual drudgery. Corinna, her elbows on the table, poising

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out yourself, Martin. Perh aps we may fix up something me
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